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Lemon Diversion – part 2

     Happy Birthday K! 

     Okay.  Below are the results of the recipe, Ina Garten’s Lemon Yogurt Cake, subbing sour cream for the yogurt and baking it into layers instead of a loaf.  The cake turned out with a moist, firm, tight crumb with a wonderful lemon flavor.  It was a bit denser than I wanted for the fillings but was a tasty cake.  It would’ve been perfect without a filling of any kind and covered in a poured fondant for a finish for decorating.  Otherwise, this is ideal for a tea or luncheon.

     The sheet cake I made with this recipe (mentioned in a previous post) will be used for petit fours with a poured fondant finish.





Miniature Square Cakes Tutorial Part 2

Miniature Square Cakes Part 1

It took a bit longer than expected but, I managed to get the first tutorial done for the mini squares. I’ll work on the remaining part(s) today. They should all be up (however many they wind up being) by the end of this week.