Simply put, I’m simple.

 Simple can be complex at times.

        Just ask a handful of people to describe simple and you’ll understand what I mean.

Food, especially desserts, I prefer to be exciting.  Even though I may miss that mark from time to time,

It’s always enjoyable!


2 responses

  1. Thank you for the nice comment regarding my crocheted yoke dress at I am just about to finish a crocheted yoke dress for my daughter. I will post on blog next week. Please share picture of your dress.

    1. I muddled through the dress portion but managed to get it done. These are two different yokes ( I couldn’t remember what I’d done the first time to adjust it but, I think they both turned out well). The one laying flat is the first one and the one at the top of the gingham print fabric is the second one. The first one is still lying there waiting for something to happen to it.) I put up the camera before taking a picture of it but, I also made a purse in the same pattern as the yoke. The bottom was made the same as you would a basic jar lid cover. Then, the yoke pattern was done up the side. It turned out to be a more mature bag than my lil’ buttercup needed. So, I’ll keep that tucked away for another day.

      All the best to you!


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