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It’s a Crying Shame

How quickly so many can recall the oddities of another and even claim the person ‘obviously needed help’ without the mentioning of what was done to help this person. Because, nothing was done. Not one…not one soul has come forth to say, “I tried to help”, “I extended friendship”. No. Now, everyone ridicules this person with various descriptions. There’s no way, by what they’re saying about this person now, that their thoughts and feelings weren’t picked up on…only making the possibility of acceptance that much further away. I’d be embarassed to admit that I could see something was wrong or that someone needed help and although the opportunity was well within my grasp I did nothing. “A tight-knit community” my ass!

It takes some people more time and different ways to relate…baby steps. Maybe if we didn’t rush others to keep up we’d all be better off. What’s the rush anyway?


Number 28

December 14, 2012, without a doubt, will be remembered as a tragic day not just for Sandy Hook Elementary, or Newtown, CT, or the U.S. but, for humanity. There have been way too many incidents such as the one that took place that day such as in Scotland, two, back-to-back in china and many others. That day, 28, not just 27, lives were lost. For every single person that died in Newtown, CT on December 14, 2012, there were family members left with a void. There is grieving throughout the world for the innocent lives taken that day. I weep for them all. I weep for their families for I know how it feels to lose a loved one so violently…to agonize over how their last moments were spent and the fear they had to have experienced. I didn’t know any of them yet my heart aches for them all including Adam Lanza and his family.

Though his age categorizes him as an adult, the sheltered life he lived proves otherwise. So, he played games…it was also part of his tech class…creating and developing virtual software (or some other equally technical description). He was able to interact and role play…just as many others do. Cowboys and indians, princess and knight in shining armor are interactive, role playing games. I see him as a lost boy and her as a lost mother…a situation that could happen to any parent/child relationship. So, she went to a controlled inviroment to shoot weapons with her son. Who knows, maybe the guns were locked up and had a secure mechanism on them. Even a child knows how to find keys to something they want. It really doesn’t take a genius to figure out. I don’t see him as the evil monster the media want us to believe him to have been but merely a boy. I am speculating here but could he possibly be one that desired to feel normal, to feel loved and wanted but received distant and obligatory commentary with those around him and found the inclusion and understanding among friends in the virtual world. I can only imagine but feel like they were both hurting inside to be so close yet unable to communicate with each other.

His family can’t openly mourn his death nor that of his mother. They have got to be hurting and in need of love and support. They lost two members of their family and were left with nothing but questions as to why and how it came to this.

I will try my best to not just hear what others are saying but really listen to what they are telling me.

Help For Those Impacted By Hurricane Sandy

I have found a few more resources/links to people and places that are trying to connect people desiring to help with people in need.

Hats, gloves, scarves, sweaters,blankets, love and encouragement are all needed at this time. I’ve read where a considerable number will be without power up to, and some even beyond, Thanksgiving.

You can help too by donating and/or passing on the information.

ETA: Another collection point for those wishing to send warm items for those impacted by Sandy is:
Senator Dean Skelos
55 front Street
Rockville Centre, N.Y. 11570

You Can Help!

If there are any knitters or crocheters among those that visit this blog, would you consider donating to this cause, Even one hat would be greatly appreciated. Locate the center for your state at the site above.

Warm Feet

      My sister has been dealing with cancer since January. She’s gone through chemotherapy and a surgery and is now facing another round of chemotherapy treatments. While going through her first round of treatments, she experienced, among many things, exceptionally cold fingers and toes as well as overall chills. I made her a quick oversized sweater and a pair of slippers to help keep her warm. When I found out she had to go through another round, I got started on some more slippers/socks.  This time, I put gripper dots (puffy paint) on the soles to keep her from slipping when she wore them.

     The black ones were knitted using bulky acrylic yarn and a pattern I made up as I went (I will try to get it written down but it is pretty basic I think…figure 8 cast on, increasing to comfortable foot size and working back to heel area and working in a heel(without gusset). So, there’s absolutely no stitching involved) and added leaves and, a wool flower from the Blooming Rose pattern by Veronica O’neill which I think will felt nicely when washed. The socks were made with 100% wool (an aran weight and a sock weight strand held together). My daughter said they remind her of “Zebra gum” (Fruit Stripe gum). I used the Chunky Knit Slipper Socks pattern provided by Cynthia Miller on Both, the pattern for the Blooming Rose and the Chunky Knit Slipper socks were free patterns and I am ever so grateful for the generosity of those contributors.

That Would Make Me a Royal Seamstress, Right?

There are 2 two year old little girls. I’m sure there are way more than that but right now I am just referring to the 2. Both love dressy dresses and shiney shoes and sparkly necklaces and bangles and purses that hang just so when worn at the crook of the elbow. These two beautiful girls are the daughters of my very own two beautiful daughters.
While picking up a few necessities last week I ventured into the toy department of the local discount store. I was thinking to pick up a small something for each of my four grandkids. I began by looking for something for the girls. I could spend hours, and usually do, shopping and looking through girly stuff. I thought how much fun they could have if they had some dress up items…a collection of things they could mix and match and get creative. The selection was…non-existent. I take that back. There were items there for dress up but they all had a character on it! Maybe it is just me but I don’t want them to be dressed up in something to play a princess depicting another princess. THEY are the princess…Princess R and Princess M not Princess Snow White-Stuck-On-My-Dress.
A tea set would’ve been nice. What happened to the perfectly-sized safe for kids tea sets? What is that contained in the Mrs. Potts-looking container? I do admit I find the container to be cute but the contents is less than desirable. The cups were distorted in shape and too small. Any child would miss pouring ‘tea’ into those cups. Again, maybe it’s just me but I think a tea set should be food safe and usable.
Bothered by the fact that I was unable to find something for the girls, I sought out something for the boys. That didn’t take long at all. I just don’t get into boy toys. I was out of that department.
I headed for the fabric department. It was there I found the makings of the dresses for the 2 princesses, purple, white,black, and red, satin and velvet, tulle and lace and ribbons (not all on one dress of course). I am now searching for the ideal tea set.

This is one of the dresses so far. I used a ribbed tank undershirt to build on. It stretches enough to go over their head and the ribs allow it to resume its snug fit. This feature will also allow them to be worn for a longer period of time before they outgrow them.

What Was I Thinking?

     I began taking college courses a couple of weeks ago.  There is a lot I did not know I did not know, and these are beginner classes!  Online classes are NOT easier than traditional classes.  I should have removed my rose-colored glasses before proceeding down this path.  I ask myself daily, “What am I doing?”


    A while back, I attempted to get an online extension on a library book.  For whatever reason, the password wasn’t working and after trying different combinations (although the password was written down and verified with the librarian at the time it was initially set…in person even) I called the library.  They gave me an extension on my book but said my password couldn’t be addressed over the phone.  Two weeks later, I return the books and seek the help of the librarian at the desk.  I state that I’d like to reset my password. Here’s how it went,

Librarian– “What would you like it to be?  It can be anwhere from 4 to 8 alpha-numeric characters.” 

Me- “2-4-4-the letter zero-7-1.” 

Librarian– “Would you like that to be the number zero?”

Me- “I thought you said it could be letters or numbers.”

Librarian– “That’s right.”

Me-  “Okay then, 2-4-4-the letterrrrrrrr zeeeeeeeeeerooooooooo (complete with fingers forming the letter)-7-1.”

Librarian– “There is no letterrrrrrrrrr zeeeeeeeeeerooooooo.  There’s the number zero….would you like that?”

Me- Looking dazed and confused briefly and even I noticed the click which was more like a ka-lunk! when I realized what I’d said and what she was explaining.  “Awe geez!  The letter o…small letter o.  (laughing visibly at myself) No wonder I was having difficulty with my password…I was using the letter zero!”

     I would blame it on Monday but really, it could’ve been any day.  I think that has been my most public show of a need to have my brain burped in quite some time though.


I Am Not a Hoarder!

Although, I do have hoarding tendencies. I save trash that can be useful. I do toss out stuff if I’ve not gotten any closer to using it within a few months. There’s one item I find particulary difficult to throw out…laundry detergent boxes. I’m thinking, it’s probably because of some incredibly beautiful project I’d seen before that used one.
I want to turn these into containers for yarn projects in progress so they can be transported and worked on on-the-go.

The Pell Grant (and others like it)

     It’s nice to know that grants such as The Pell exist and can be attained by those desiring to further their education.


      At this time, with the economy the way it is, and Americans just wanting to get back to work, doesn’t it seem like it would be a good (read incredibly great!) thing for The Pell and similar grants to include more certificate courses?  Companies all over are looking for CERTIFIED welders, CERTIFIED HVAC technicians, CERTIFIED machinists, CERTIFIED auto mechanic… .  As it is now, the only certificate courses approved are the ones that lead to becoming a certified BEAUTICIAN/COSMETOLOGIST/AESTHETICS!  WTF????  Okay, there is another but seriously, can we all be beauticians???  I know I can’t.  I get ill seeing dandruff on someone’s shoulders (gag!  the thought of a light wind, picking up and redirecting it anywhere in the vacinity of my immediate breathing space just freaks me out!  OMW!  or the thought of having to apply makeup to someone’s face that has a zit that is red and plump and ready to burst aaaaaaaaack!).  I’d much rather change the oil on a grimey ol’ car

  I have one more shot at proving just how unintelligent I am before my gnarly knitting knuckles curl up and refuse to write anything legible and my eyes can no longer distinguish shapes let alone letters and numbers.