It’s a Crying Shame

How quickly so many can recall the oddities of another and even claim the person ‘obviously needed help’ without the mentioning of what was done to help this person. Because, nothing was done. Not one…not one soul has come forth to say, “I tried to help”, “I extended friendship”. No. Now, everyone ridicules this person with various descriptions. There’s no way, by what they’re saying about this person now, that their thoughts and feelings weren’t picked up on…only making the possibility of acceptance that much further away. I’d be embarassed to admit that I could see something was wrong or that someone needed help and although the opportunity was well within my grasp I did nothing. “A tight-knit community” my ass!

It takes some people more time and different ways to relate…baby steps. Maybe if we didn’t rush others to keep up we’d all be better off. What’s the rush anyway?


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