Number 28

December 14, 2012, without a doubt, will be remembered as a tragic day not just for Sandy Hook Elementary, or Newtown, CT, or the U.S. but, for humanity. There have been way too many incidents such as the one that took place that day such as in Scotland, two, back-to-back in china and many others. That day, 28, not just 27, lives were lost. For every single person that died in Newtown, CT on December 14, 2012, there were family members left with a void. There is grieving throughout the world for the innocent lives taken that day. I weep for them all. I weep for their families for I know how it feels to lose a loved one so violently…to agonize over how their last moments were spent and the fear they had to have experienced. I didn’t know any of them yet my heart aches for them all including Adam Lanza and his family.

Though his age categorizes him as an adult, the sheltered life he lived proves otherwise. So, he played games…it was also part of his tech class…creating and developing virtual software (or some other equally technical description). He was able to interact and role play…just as many others do. Cowboys and indians, princess and knight in shining armor are interactive, role playing games. I see him as a lost boy and her as a lost mother…a situation that could happen to any parent/child relationship. So, she went to a controlled inviroment to shoot weapons with her son. Who knows, maybe the guns were locked up and had a secure mechanism on them. Even a child knows how to find keys to something they want. It really doesn’t take a genius to figure out. I don’t see him as the evil monster the media want us to believe him to have been but merely a boy. I am speculating here but could he possibly be one that desired to feel normal, to feel loved and wanted but received distant and obligatory commentary with those around him and found the inclusion and understanding among friends in the virtual world. I can only imagine but feel like they were both hurting inside to be so close yet unable to communicate with each other.

His family can’t openly mourn his death nor that of his mother. They have got to be hurting and in need of love and support. They lost two members of their family and were left with nothing but questions as to why and how it came to this.

I will try my best to not just hear what others are saying but really listen to what they are telling me.


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