If a Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Then a video paints a thousand times a thousand words. Multiply that number by the number of times needed to watch it in order to gather enough information and what you’ll have is a bridge across a language barrier to an incredibly adorable child’s sweater.
A generous member of YouTube shared how she made a sweater. She has other video tutorials as well. The ones I clicked on were in a language other than English. Below is the video from which I made the latest sweater. I don’t know if it is exactly the same but it is close enough for me.

Child's Sweater Tutorial
Here is my version of her sweater.

6 responses

  1. That is just too sweet! Is this for a grandbaby?

    1. It started out that way. But, because I opted for thicker yarn and a larger hook, it is too large for them to wear this year. This one will be donated. The main point of this one was challenging myself to figure out the pattern from the video tutorial that was in a language other than English (I don’t understand any other language spoken or written. So, the images helped tremendously). This one, as I made it, would fit an average 4 y/o.

      1. I understand. I made a hat last weekend, and even chose a larger hook than the pattern. Unfortunately, the hat might fit a preemie or newborn, but it was for a 6 month old baby. I have an extra one now. 🙂

      2. Extra one? Are you stocking up on them???

      3. The first one was too small. I had to make a second for the baby. Now I have a super tiny hat. 🙂

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