The Tote Is Done (as done as it’s gonna be)

     I completed the crocheted tote that has been taking way to much time to make.  I do get off track when things take too long…more than 2 days and I’m looking for something else to do.

     It has a double liner…both having rigid interfacing applied, also 2 inner welt pockets…one on each side.  The handles were made by making a double strand of sc braided rope with a loop on each end and ran through an eight stitch round, sc tube which was stitched to the top of the loop after being attached to the loops on the purse.  The loops on the purse that the handles were attached to were made using a short length of sc braided rope…attached one end, inserted through the handle loop and other end attached a couple of stitches over.

     The tote measures approximately 10″ wide(side to side) x 8″ high (bottom to top) x 4 1/2″ deep (front to back).  Stitches used were, the single crochet and a bubble/bobble/popcorn stitch (made by making 5 half double crochets in one stitch, removing hook from loop and inserting it from front to back into the first hdc made and pulling loop through, chain one to close).


The lining…



The outside/completed tote


2 responses

  1. So very pretty. I like the idea of the lining.

    1. Thanks! I didn’t even mind that none of the colors ‘matched’ as my daughter quickly pointed out.

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