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Ooooo, I like!

     Just a short bit ago, I worked on numerous knit and crochet items in red.  While making the sweater, Baby Sophisticate by Linden Down, I thought it’d be adorable in pink with a black fuzzy/furry collar and trim (my first thought was that long eyelash, wispy type yarn but considering the age of the wearer, I opted for the shorter eyelash chenille.  The youtube video for pockets was very beneficial when it came to adding them to this sweater. The buttons were made to match using polymer clay.


So, There Was This Dress, see…

…and I just couldn’t not make it. Matter of fact, I lost sight of what I was actually supposed to be doing in order to complete it.

It wound up being a faster project than I expected. Yaaaaay!

Sandrine Bianco’s Summer Dress Pattern Direct link to the pdf of the English version of the pattern Please be aware although the pattern isn’t at all difficult it may prompt a bit of head scratchin’ and HUH? Do a WHAAAAAAT? and maybe even unraveling a time or two ’cause you wound up with 8 short at the end of the dividing row, it’ll click eventually.

Seeing Red!

While taking advantage of some super ebay auctions on yarn I wound up with quite an abundance of red Red Heart yarn. It didn’t seem like such a bad thing until I gathered it all up to continue with my projects. I only thought I was sick of pink. I will happily go back to pink (if I had to) after I’m done with all the red. I was tootlin’ along in my needlework, using various colors but the red, in its’ vast pile, loomed over me like a menacing cloud…the red cloud of doom. I HAD to do something to reduce the amount of it, and soon. I first thought to just hide it but, like any other messes, you still know they’re there and they must be dealt with and the longer you wait, the larger they seem. Well, I have put a dent in it and will now work on something else, coming back to the red periodically. Gosh! It was all still a good deal and I am glad I got it. I reckon I’d feel the same had it been all of any color.

Afghan (actually, a pillowghan) made using Chris Simon’s 12×12 square flower burst pattern

The shawl-collared sweater (2y/o) was made using the pattern shared by Linden Down on Ravelry for the Baby Sophisticate

The large slippers used the crocheted moccasin pattern shared by Umme Yusuf, also on

Smaller slippers made using Thistles and Tulips Crochet’s Bella Slipper pattern and the hat, one of my favorite crocheted hat patterns, is shared by Sarah Arnold at

Dimensional Work (beyond my realm of comprehension)

   I know there’s a word for it, drawing/painting a scene to look like the background or some other area of it is further away.  Well, whatever that word is, along with proper shading techniques, I just don’t understand.  I know how I want it to look but just can’t achieve success.

     This time, the attempt was on a cake.


     It’s woodland camouflage?  This was a learning experience.  Considering the number of requests I get for camouflage, I highly doubt I’ll remember what I would do differently/same by the time I get another.



Amusingly Amazed by Fantastical Feats (simple to some is significant to others)

   Today, DH and I drove to Lowe’s.  As we pulled into the parking lot, we noticed a restored Chevy.  We both smiled and made our own sort of appreciative utterances.  He then began to tell me of how his Nanny bought a car, similar to the one in the Lowe’s parking lot, with S&H Green Stamps.  He went on to describe the car…all the way down to a special S&H emblem the car sported.  He spoke of it like it was of no big deal and continued to speak of the boxes and boxes of these BOOKS OF STAMPS that she’d collected and never used (can you say, shop on double and triple stamp days only!).  I, on the other hand, was floored by such an incredible accomplishment!  DH said, “Yeah, I think there were only like a hundred of those cars available.”  Me, still stunned by the thought of how many stamps that had to have taken, replied with, “OMG! and Nanny got one of ’em???!!!”  Nanny was a woman who lived simply and made do with next to nothing (or even less…by the time I met her, she collected rainwater in a barrel to bathe, wash her hair, wash dishes, flush the commode.  She used one lamp only and maintained a small garden (which was drastically reduced in size from what she used to keep) and canned what she didn’t eat right away or share with family nearby.) .  I can’t even fathom how this woman was able to buy enough to acquire that many stamps.

     “Well, what happened to the car?”  “She drove it until it just wore out.”

     I HAD to do a search (still searching…had to write about it before I forgot what I was doing) when we got home!

The Tote Is Done (as done as it’s gonna be)

     I completed the crocheted tote that has been taking way to much time to make.  I do get off track when things take too long…more than 2 days and I’m looking for something else to do.

     It has a double liner…both having rigid interfacing applied, also 2 inner welt pockets…one on each side.  The handles were made by making a double strand of sc braided rope with a loop on each end and ran through an eight stitch round, sc tube which was stitched to the top of the loop after being attached to the loops on the purse.  The loops on the purse that the handles were attached to were made using a short length of sc braided rope…attached one end, inserted through the handle loop and other end attached a couple of stitches over.

     The tote measures approximately 10″ wide(side to side) x 8″ high (bottom to top) x 4 1/2″ deep (front to back).  Stitches used were, the single crochet and a bubble/bobble/popcorn stitch (made by making 5 half double crochets in one stitch, removing hook from loop and inserting it from front to back into the first hdc made and pulling loop through, chain one to close).


The lining…



The outside/completed tote


Slightly Off Track

     I’ve been working on a crochet tote.  I would love to post some images of it but I will wait until it is finally complete. 

     I began today working on a lining for it and was being right productive too.  Made a zippered pocket, applied interfacing to all the pieces and was sewing my pieces together when in walks one of my Buttercups (what I call both of my 2 y/o granddaughters (not twins, cousins born a month apart)and that all changed.  I decided to turn the lining into a small tote for her.