Bead Crochet Rope

     I recently completed a small crocheted tote.  I wanted to add something different than the regular crocheted handles.  So, I tried my hand at bead crochet rope.  I love the look of the necklaces and other jewelry made using this technique.  Using a fantastic picture tutorial (found here, ) shared by Julie A. Harper.

     I strung 364 6/0 glass beads (3 cream, 1 dk blue, 1 lavendar, 1 dk blue) onto size 3 crochet thread and used the technique shown in the above tutorial…a slip stitch instead of a single crochet and crocheted rather tightly and worked 6 stitches around using a #7 steel crochet hook.  I first tried with size 30 thread and a #10 steel crochet hook.  Well, my eyes ain’t what they used to be and I couldn’t see them well enough in the beginning and got aggrevated and switched to the larger, size 3 thread.  Now that I’ve got the general idea, I’ll secure me a better light and possible a hands-free magnifier for the first couple of inches at least.

     What resulted was a nice length (almost 9 inches) of rope that was usable for my tote.  The only problem is…I now have to get more beads in order to make the other one…I’m short on the lavendar ones.  So, I’ll save the beaded handles for another project and continue on to completing the tote with regular (tubular) crocheted handles.



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  1. Bit! That looks so cool. We are in the middle of moving, but I have to try it when we are done.

    1. Thanks Dina! I just finished up the second one even though I said it would have to wait ’cause I was short on some beads. I retrieved a pair of pliers from DH’s toolbox to grip the needle while I man-handled the tight beads over the eye of it. There were quite a few beads that would slide down the needle. I got annoyed that there they were, the beads I needed and I couldn’t use them and contemplated buying another container just for a few beads. Now, I just need to figure a way to attach them to the tote. If I can’t figure that out, I will have a set of handles that I can plan a future bag to incorporate them in. I’ll be sure to share the finished tote…with or without the beaded handles.

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