Mary Jo’s

Last month, one of my sisters came to visit.  We’d planned a trip to Mary Jo’s Cloth Store (a serious understatement!  It’s a veritable heaven of a warehouse with pretty much EVERY KIND OF FABRIC IMAGINABLE!).  We left there smiling like goofy kids and dreams of future projects in our minds.  Before making it back to my house we were planning future trips back to Mary Jos(…and beyond!).  I know I went a little crazy with my shopping.  My purchases had no cohesive meaning to anyone, not even to me.  We had to get a grip.  We agreed that we could/would not do it again until we’d made AT LEAST one thing.  (We’re two states apart and just the trip requires budgeting for…).  Well, I completed something today. 

     I utilized fabric from old jeans along with some of the fabric from the treasure trove acquire on our trip.  I made up a pattern for a purse and set about making it.  I learned a few things along the way of which, the most important thing was to make sure your sewing machine attachments are handy (there is a reason for the zipper foot…)!  Now that it’s complete, I can dive into using the new fabric without fearing I’ll ruin it (That was the reasoning behind using the old jeans fabric…not wanting to ruin the ‘good’ stuff).


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