Marriage, to believers of God and the truth of the Holy Word, = 1 man, 1 woman, joined by God (not by man but by God) (what God has joined together, let no man put asunder). I will be the first to admit that I took it for granted that being married, even if by the JP, meant in the eyes of God.
No one is responsible for my morality as an adult nor am I responsible for another adult’s morality. If TWO CONSENTING adults wish to create a partnership, domestic or otherwise, and are willing to make a legal, binding contract with each other, there should be no reason they can’t do that and take advantage of the benefits of a joint relationship and this be done through the court system.
HOWEVER, if the two consenting adults, having acquired a legal, binding contract through the court system, are a 1 man, 1 woman couple, they can be MARRIED by an ordained clergyperson.
Would that not appease everyone?
People of the same sex (not necessarily couples, ’cause not all same sex partnerships are couples (neither are all 1 man 1 woman partnerships for that matter). Could be two single adults pooling together for economic reasons)can attain partnershipdom(?)and be able to take advantage of the benefits and rights outlined in the legal, binding contract. A 1 man- 1 woman partnership, that is a couple would then be able to be MARRIED by an ordained clergyperson. Otherwise, they would also be considered a domestic partnership. Marriage would then not be the only recognized legal union.
In order to take advantage of the benefits of the domestic partnership, both parties must sign the legal, binding contract and it be filed with the court system.
Only one domestic partnership contract may be held at one time…so, no multiple partnerships. In order to void the legal, binding contract of the partnership, both parties must be in agreement.
A 1 man-1 woman domestic partnership, that were also married by an ordained clergyperson, would need approval of an ordained clergyperson for dissolution of the marriage.
God, the Bible and all they stand for should be taken seriously and that includes marriage.
I realize, this proposal would reclassify the last 30 years with D from a marriage to a domestic partnership. I would readily and happily seek the honor of having an ordained clergyperson marry us should this proposal pass.
Jeanne R. Williamson

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