LaLaLoopsy Cookie Project

After seeing the incredibly adorable LalaLoopsy Doll cookies shared by Daily Cookie on CakeCentral  and on Facebook , I knew I wanted to attempt to make them for my granddaughters!

(The above are the work of Carla (CakeCentral’s DailyCookie and Facebook’s Daily Cookie) )

The steps I took to make them are below.  I didn’t photograph the attaching of the sticks (absentmindedness) but I will upload more pictures later.

 1)   I gathered several different styles of the dolls

to try and cover as many attributes (hairstyles, clothing, arm

positions) as possible.  I copied them to one sheet in MS Publisher and sized them all to be about the same size, printed out the sheet on cardstock and cut each doll out making sure to leave areas of weakness (extended arms and other thin details) with paper for structure.

2)  Using one of these mats (found near the cutting boards

at Walmart), I attached the cut out dolls with tape.  This way, I could

position them so that more fit on the mat than could be printed out

on one sheet of cardstock.

3)  Using an X-acto knife, the dolls were carefully cut out of the mat.

I used double-stick tape on the backs of the cardstock cutouts as well

as clear tape on the edges when they were positioned.  This allowed

the dolls to remain attached to the cut out plastic pieces.

Here, they’re all cut out of the mat.

4)  Using cookie sticks as thickness guides on either side, the dough

was rolled out on parchment (waxed or freezer paper will work as

well) and slid onto a pan (1/2 sheet cake boards are ideal for this step)

and placed in the freezer to get firm/hard for cutting.

5)  Once the dough is chilled/frozen firm enough,  remove from freez-

er, place the cut out doll mat on top and using an X-acto knife, care-

fully cut the dolls out.  Remove mat.  With a small spatula or table/

butter knife (or whatever tool you prefer), remove excess dough…

being careful not to pull too hard or too fast just in the case of possi-

bly having areas that weren’t completely cut, …leaving the doll cutouts on the papered pan/board. 

I attached sticks by brushing the area lightly with water, positioning the stick, brushing the stick lightly with water and pressing small amounts of the excess dough onto the dough and smoothing gently, encasing the stick.

Return pan/board to freezer.  Continue rerolling dough and following the above steps until all cookies are cut out and have sticks attached. 

Beginning with the first set, remove them from freezer.  Before they have a chance to soften, using a spatula, flip them over so the patched stick area is against the papered pan.  If needed, replace paper on pan (I’ve never baked on waxed paper or freezer wrap so I can’t recommend doing so.  Parchment paper is what I recommend baking the cookies on).

Bake them according to the directions given with your sugar cookie recipe.  Use your favorite decorated cookie icing to finish these adorable cookies.

These can be stored, baked or unbaked, in your freezer for a considerable amount of time if well wrapped/bagged/packaged, making them an ideal gift to make if free time comes in small increments! 

Another idea, for those with limited time, use the cleaned mat to cut out thinly rolled fondant to place on the still hot cookies for a quick base.  When cool, use edible pens, air brush colors and brushes and icing to add details.  Don’t forget to add some edible glitter!

 I’ve yet to decorate mine.

2 responses

  1. Hi there! Carla from daily cookie here 🙂 Just wanted to say I’m absolutely loving your tutorial! And can’t wait to see the finished product! Have you posted pictures yet? And what a great idea to make your stencil a whole sheet of negative shapes! I just went through my Lalaloopsy stencils and I think it would be so much easier to file them the way you’ve done them in that sheet! Post pictures soon or please email me your finished cookies… It’s so nice to see other cookier’s takes on each other’s cookies! It’s a huge part of why I love being a part of this community! So much support and sweet camaraderie! Hope you’re having a blessed night! Carla

    1. Carla, thank you for stopping by! After getting them cut out, shtuck and baked even things got hectic. So, I bagged them in freezer bags and that’s where they’ve been since. I do use decorating bags and tips (I read on your FB page that you don’t…yet another thing I admire you for) and even prepared 40 bags (just in case and to account for floodwork and detail work consistencies in each color). I found another photo on my camera yesterday of how I shtick the stick on the cookie (from another set of basic pops I wound up doing…my daughters had different themes in mind for my granddaughters’ parties…oh well…had they wanted these, I would’ve been able to complete them…). As soon as I get them done (I’ll probably make some fresh ones), I will definitely share my version with you! I know, for fact, they will not come anywhere near as adorable as those you created. All the best to you!

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