I am one of the few who admit to preferring Mondays to Fridays.  My work week started up, slowly, Monday night after everyone was asleep and gained momentum and stress until Sunday afternoon.  The time, after dinner dishes were washed up Sunday evening until Monday night, was mine…all mine.

     This Monday when I dragged myself out of bed I was thoroughly exhausted.  The clutter I wrote of in my last post was tackled, we fought (the clutter and I…seriously…okay, I fought while it seemingly multiplied) but, in the end I conquered. (A before and after side-by-side would be helpful right now).  My biggest accomplishment was getting the weight machine with its’ 350lb weights attached out of there and into the room across the hall (my son will find it when he returns…{smile} Now, I have less than 3 hours to make it look good in his room…{smile gone}).

     Happy Monday!

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