ArtBugStudio’s Crochet Along continues

         I completed an amigurumi bunny  (free from Lion Brand Yarn…must sign up but that too is free) from Artbugstudio‘s crochet along.  I’m glad the bunny was chosen.  It was a nice break from the hats/wearables and the SOFA (oh my word! Perfect example of simple taking over) and to take my mind off the SOFA while I wait (impatiently) for the cording to come in so I can finish the front.

     My granddaughter loved it even before the legs and tail were sewn on.  I thought if she didn’t love it just as much afterward, I would remove them but, she came back over today and her great big smile let me know that the legs and tail would not have to be removed.











I will attempt another using a different yarn.  It’s a curly, fluffy, nobby looking yarn (I’ve long since removed the label but I’m thinking it’s a Red Heart Baby Yarn.  I’ll hunt down the exact yarn to share the name).



                                                                            Thanks Dina!

2 responses

  1. Bit,

    Your bunny turned out to be adorable! I am still working on mine. I am too much of a perfectionist, so i am a little slow. I hope your Grand kids love them.


    1. Thanks! One lil’ 2 y/o thinks it’s perfect.
      (after 42 or so years of crocheting (a few less than that of knitting) my speed has picked up quite a bit.)

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