The New Year

     I’ve started hat making already.  Last year, I waited until after the Summer to get started and didn’t get near as many completed as I’d hoped.  I have decided not to buy another inch of yarn until I have used every bit I already have – somewhere between 15 and 20lbs- even if the resulting items have haphazard looking color combos or they begin looking more utilitarian than fashionable.  Actually, they will be utilitarian.  Being fashionable, if achieved, will be a bonus.

     I wish you all a successful year.

2 responses

  1. Hey Bit. Are any of your hat patterns out there on the Interet? I love your hats.

    1. Hi Dina! Yes, I inserted links directly to the patterns used, within the context of the post. Simply click on the hyperlinks and it’ll take you right to them. Let me know if you have difficulty locating them. I’ll go back into the post and edit the links’ color so they stand out more.

      ETA: OOPS! I’m so sorry! I inserted the hyperlinks on another blogspot(really wanted to organize various crafts into different locations but get diverted)

      I hope this doesn’t cause you too much trouble but, here’s the link to the other blogspot WITH the hyperlinks to the various patterns used.

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