My epiphany

It’s been many years since it occured but eversince, not too many days pass without me reflecting on it.  I’ve shared the experience with those close to me.  I’d like to share it with everyone.   Everything really does happen for a reason.  There is something good to come from everything.  Just because it isn’t good for you, doesn’t mean that it isn’t good for someone else.

About 16 years or so ago,  my husband, the kids and I went to visit his brother and family.  My then sister-in-law invited me to the Tomato Festival.  Of course, if we went anywhere, the youngest kids would also be with us.  So, we all pile into our newly acquire used Suburban…my then sister-in-law, her baby, 3 of my four children, and me.  We set out, with map, to the Tomato Festival.

After quite some time passed, we realized we’d somehow gotten off track…lost but not worried.  We figured out about where we were and needed to turn around.  We were on an unfamiliar highway.  Before we had the chance to turn around something impacted the vehicle.  I seen nothing but a blur before the loud bang and jarring effect it made.  I quickly pulled over to the side of the road and advised the kids to remain buckled.  My sister-in-law and I got out to see what it was.  We walked back to the area of impact, praying that it wasn’t a person.  It was a deer.  It had made one long leap from a high embankment on the opposite side of the road on its’ way to the side I was driving and collided with the front of my Suburban.  Just like that, it was dead.  I was sad that it died but grateful that it was not a human that lay there.  It wasn’t but a couple of minutes (if even that) of standing by the deer before two young boys came out of the woods.  They looked like they just stepped out of a Huck Finn book…barefoot, dirty faces, highwater overalls, no shirt, one strap dangling on the back of one of them.  “Can we have it!?”  one of the boys asked.  “Huh?” I asked.  I know I had to have had a stupefied look on my face.  “Can we have it?”, they asked at the same time.  “Sure.  Go ahead.  I won’t be takin’ it.” I replied.  They moved toward the deer obviously excited.  Each boy grabbed a hind leg of the animal.  Dragging the deer back into the woods, one exclaimed to the other, “Mama’s gonna be so happy!  We got meat!”.

We walked back to the front of the vehicle to assess the damage.  The grill was caved in about 8 inches at the deepest point.  There was no steam or anything leaking below.  So, we get back in the vehicle, turn around right where we were and head back to her house.  Forget going to the festival.

Ordinarily, I’d think that that incident was just coincidence…no big deal…people hit deer and other animals too often for that to be anything to consider miraculous.  Ordinarily.  Until I reflected on the sequence of events that lead up to it.

The used car lot had just gotten the Suburban in.  We seen it right after it was unloaded…still not detailed or given the once over.  We’d gotten other cars from them.  So, they allowed us to sign papers on it and pick it up later that morning.  It was an older one but in excellent condition.

We picked up the Suburban and decided to take a spur-of-the-moment trip to see his brother, 3 1/2 hours away.

In the 12 years of living in Texas, that was the first time either of us women had heard or attempted to attend the Tomato Festival.

The Suburban had a tubular steel grill (and it still recessed it 8″!  Imagine the same impact on a plastic grill or the windshield of a car!)

We had a map but managed to be 20 miles down this unfamiliar highway.

Call it what you will.  I now know, wherever I am is where I am suppose to be.

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