Dry cake?

I am bemused by the lack of vocabulary one has to describe scratch cakes. When one tastes a scratch cake after a lifelong subjection to cake mix cakes (I am so NOT hatin’ on cake mix cakes!), the only word that they can find to describe it is “dry”. When, in fact, it isn’t dry at all. It’s moist, a bit denser than cake mix cakes, and toothsome (read-doesn’t disintegrate upon placing in mouth). Unlike the taste of the cake, dry is dry and moist is moist, then, there’s just plain out wet (icebox cakes). If I can depress a bite of cake with the tines of a fork and the bite can be lifted, it’s moist.
If you’ve gotten a dry cake from me, please accept my apology! I ask only that before one rushs to label my cake as dry, to be sure that that is THE word that describes it…just sayin’…

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