Monthly Archives: August, 2010

Poured Fondant

     Poured fondant, so few and basic the ingredients but, so elegant a finish it produces.
Have all items to be covered prepared before making poured fondant.  Cake items should be crumbcoated with a thin layer of icing or brushed with a simple syrup (equal parts of sugar and water heated to boiling then allowed to cool or, apricot or apple jelly/jam melted (they’re both clear like when melted and don’t interfere with the finished icing color.
  3/4 cup whole milk
         5 Tbsp light corn syrup
1 1/2 tsp extract
                                                                                                                6 cups powdered sugar(sifting isn’t necessary but,
                                                                                                                       if you do, do so after the sugar is measured)
Stir all ingredients in a heat safe bowl and heat over simmering water(don’t allow bottom of bowl to touch water).  Stir frequently until warm (98-105 degrees (it should feel just slightly warm to the touch).

With The Changing Seasons…

…comes a change in me.
     As Summer draws to a close and a new school year is in the visible future, the breezes are more frequent and the temperature’s harsh edge has been softened, the shadows become more playful and the smells in the air bring faint memories of childhood, I sense the desire to bake and cook hearty meals becoming more and more overwhelming.  I’ll still bake cakes.  I’ll still decorate cakes.  My heart will want to be baking breads and making stews.
     Separate kitchens is a distant dream.
     Today, I made tuna casserole and spiced apples.  I couldn’t help but smile as it reminded me of Mama.  I’d not heard of Tuna Helper until one sister took on the responsibilities, for the most part, of the bulk of the domestic chores.  My sister was proud of the success of her meals and we enjoyed them tremendously.  As I grew up and moved away, I made a version of it but without the help of the Tuna Helper box contents.  I dubbed it…Tuna Goo.  My kids giggled at the name (which was the reason for giving it that name), ate it, and requested it regularly.  As with baked macaroni and cheese, I longed for things like Mama made (all except for that vile stuff called egg gravy  ).  On occasion, I would make baked macaroni and cheese, chicken pot pie, or some other dish from my childhood.  Sometimes, the dish was well received.  The negative responses were overwhelming so I made them less and less until I didn’t make them at all.
     Now that almost all are gone from home with families of their own, I feel free to make the things my husband and I enjoy most…like our mothers and grandmothers.