Cake to Icing/Filling

With the exception of the pound cake and possibly one or two varieties of bundt cakes (fruit topped cakes don’t count in this observation), cake NEEDS icing and filling.  I prefer there to be several layers of filling evenly distributed throughout the cake.
   Three layers of cake, split in 1/2, filled and iced with rich and creamy meringue buttercream, and topped off with a generous amount of ganache.
   Two layers of cake, split into thirds, filled with alternating layers of lemon mousse, and key lime mousse, a layer of meringue buttercream and crushed pretzels at the center for a nice contrast to the citrus fillings, iced with meringue buttercream.
    Although difficult to see, this one has one layer of chocolate cake and one layer of vanilla cake, each split into thirds and put together with alternating layers of white chocolate mousse and caramel meringue buttercream for a total of 12 layers of cake and filling…iced with caramel meringue buttercream…

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