Since my last entry I have been testing new techniques and recipes and different branches of a bakery.  My latest has been bread.  Although my ideal business would be one that serves desserts only, I can’t overlook the wonderful aspects of fresh baked bread.  I do believe I could enjoy fresh baked bread or rolls and a stick of margerine(I bake with butter but I prefer margerine to be slathered on most everything) as much as or almost as much as a perfect lemon meringue pie slice.  The smell of fresh baked bread is as comforting as the smell of an apple pie baking.  Like I said, I’ve been testing…
Everyone should include things to make them smile in their morning/afternoon/evening routine.  Mine would definitely include a fresh-baked orange sweet roll(with extra icing, of course), a smooth, dark, rich cup of coffee and thoughts of those I love….(the apple…hmmmm…an extra good Gala that will most likely be better appreciated as part of an apple strudel than eaten raw…yeah, I believe that’s what I’ll do with it).
These were made with a single rope of dough.  Once done, they’ll be the perfect size for an extra large sandwich(or a 1/2 stick of margerine).
While trying my hand at various braiding techniques, I thought I would attempt a 6 strand braid using a whole grain dough of which I was also testing the taste.  Both the braid and the taste pleased me.
Here, the single rope/strand braid and the 6-strand/rope braid are baked and I have been informed that I need to hurry with the pictures or I’ll be taking shots of crumbs.

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