Monthly Archives: November, 2008


Desserts of any kind are worthy of my attention.  A smile is almost inevitable when the word dessert is spoken.  I’ve found nothing in the dessert category as intriguing and whimsical as a decorated cupcake.  They appeal to people almost the same as miniature dollhouses.  I find them delightful.
There are so many phenomenal decorators devoting their time and talent to the cupcake.  I could only dream of such patience.  I must say though, the end result is reflective of the time spent on them and does provide its’ own reward.
The more of them I make, the more I can see why more dessert artists enjoy working with them.  They are easily iced with a smear or a dollop of icing.  Then, all attention can remain focused on the decorating.

Sugar-free test run

The challenge has begun.  So far, I’ve managed to produce an average tasting mini cupcake.  I believe size of the dessert was beneficial to its’ tenderness.  The larger the cakes got, the more rock like they became.
The icing on these is a key element in making them more appealing.  It’s smooth, creamy, sweet with very little aftertaste.
The size will help with portion control while making one feel like they get an entire serving.  The fact that they’re sugar-free allows one to eat more than one without going over the desired sugar intake.  The fat content is high enough to keep one from having too many.  They are definitely not fat-free!

Sugar-free desserts

     I will be the first to admit that up until this weekend, I have taken the ability to consume sugar for granted.  I’ve spent the last two days trying to make sugar-free cupcakes WITH sugar-free icing that taste delicious.  Sugar substitutes, Splenda included, produce an aftertaste…similar to a dark green stalk of celery eaten raw…especially when used in baked goods.
     To produce a dessert that rivals its’ sugar-filled counterparts in both taste design is a challenge I’m looking forward to taking on!