What’s fat got to do with it?

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know what all the hooha is about trans fats.  Do products containing it, if eaten in moderation, contribute to all the health woes?  Or is it that these products are so addictive that once consumed the person can’t get enough?  I mean, really….take, for instance, the only time a person consumes it is the annual slice of birthday cake…or a weekly reward of a most desired cream horn(the town’s landmark bakery has got the best cream horns!),  or the portioned out quantity of 5 Oreos as a evening snack, will that cause obesity or cancer?  There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t enjoy a sweet of some kind.  I’ve even been known to eat them all day long.  There was a time when I ate nothing but healthy foods…low calorie/high fiber…daily recommended portions of vegetables and fruits and a heckofalot of baked/broiled/boiled chicken…I exercised almost daily…sweated my arse off at work and drank my share of water.  A doctor visit changed all that…"you have high cholesterol".  How the heck….?
Now, I eat what makes me happy but within reason.  I mean, I don’t sit around like Fat Bastard(Austin Powers character).
I reckon, the question that gnaws at me is………………..
How much trans fat is too much????

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