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Chocolate Cake Continued…

     I don’t think I’ve ever used so much chocolate on research as I have the last two weeks.  I’ve tried cakes with enormous amounts of chocolate and some with so little that I’m not sure it should be called a chocolate cake…I have narrowed it down to four.
I believe a chocolate cake should contain a certain minimum amount of chocolate to be classified as a chocolate cake.  Red Velvet, although gorgeous and if made correctly is delicious, shouldn’t be classified as a chocolate cake.  It does have cocoa in it but the cocoa doesn’t play a starring role in the flavor.  I appreciate the flavor and the beauty of a good Red Velvet cake but I still don’t understand them.

Chocolate Cake!

Chocolate cake filled and iced with Italian meringue buttercream and topped with ganache.
I use a wonderful chocolate cake recipe.  It’s firm, moist,and incredibly chocolatey!  I have been researching various recipes to find one that goes beyond wonderful.  One that defines ultimate chocolate cake…that will stand alone but when paired with any number of icings will shine through and be complimented and not overpowered…intense flavor without it grabbing your tastebuds and making them scream for their lives but instead, makes them hum in unison and beg for more.
The house is now filled with the smell of CHOCOLATE!  The trimmings off the first batch from the oven(the warm taste test) proved to be delicious…moist…almost brownie-like.  Of course, each batch must pass the warm, cold , overnight, frozen-then-thawed taste tests.  It’s a shame one person must endure this all alone.