Monthly Archives: March, 2008

Great American Bake Sale

In 2007, I wanted to participate in this worthy cause but was met with obstacles.  Every state, county, city has their own guidelines to follow no matter what the cause.  I sought to comply.  This resulted in me missing out on the event…time ran out.  I found out about GABS, then about the rules, then complying …there was no time left to advertise and make any sort of dent in my goal.
Because of wanting to participate in the 2007 event, I am now licensed and permitted to do business.  By no means is that a bad thing.  It just assures that this year will be better.

Lemon Cake

Up until today, cake mix was only used for lemon cake.  I had been unsuccessful in my search for one that is moist and flavorful without the addition of a filling.  Lemon cake is my favorite!  I like lemon supreme cake mix from Duncan Hines with a couple of things added to it for density.  But I have been determined to find a lemon cake that requires no filling for an intense lemon flavor.  Today, I tried a recipe that included sour cream.  it was moist and firm enough to withstand decorating.  I had to trim off a considerable amount off the top because of sinking in the middle during baking.  There’s hope yet…this one had the best all around flavor so far.

Where does the time go?

Today, Katie is 18!  She requested strawberry cake.  I added icing fruit to my regular white cake batter.  Filled with strawberry cream cheese mousse and iced in butterless buttercream icing.  The intention was to have more woodland creatures on this cake but from the looks of the ones I made, I could use a LOT of work modeling ….I was never any good with play dough either so I’m not really surprised.  The nymphs were made of a modeling mix.  I had the kids in the kitchen to see who could make the most feminine looking face….uh…what made it to the cake were the most feminine…The others…well…they were really hideous.