Monthly Archives: February, 2008

Tropical Heaven

     When coconut, pineapple,orange, strawberry and white chocolate come together with cream cheese in a luscious cloud sandwiched between layers of moist cake and enveloped in a rich, creamy buttercream….it is…it is, without a doubt
It’s a new decadent cake creation from Bit O’ Sweets.  With or without a drizzling of chocolate ganache, it is sure to satisfy even the most difficult kind of sweet tooth. 


Elmo’s inspiration

It is done!

     Not near as perfect a job as the original but satisfactory nonetheless.  I chose not to use fondant which would definitely have given it a more polished appearance. 
     The original artist, Danielle Padgett, was kind enough to share her work with others and her piece was the sole inspiration for my grandson’s cake…that and the fact that he loves Elmo!
     Maybe between now and his next birthday, I can convince him that his favorite toys are building blocks(something easier).

Wish me luck!

     Yesterday was my granson’s 1st birthday.  His party is Saturday.  I am going to attempt to recreate someone else’s cake for his party.  The drawback of duplicating another cake is that it’s not always clear how it was constructed.  So….I could use some support.  I’ll post(if it turns out, that is)pictures when I’m done.


February is brownie month at Bit O’ Sweets!  100% of the profit on sales of brownies go to Share Our Strength. 
Let me tell you, as much as I love chocolate and caramel….butterscotch brownies with java-lotta icing are incredible!