Monthly Archives: December, 2007


     I managed to try several Red Velvet recipes.  They were all equally moist.  Each had a beautiful color and the crumb was ideal.  I wonder, and I will give it a try too,if green would give the same results.  The cake tasted like cake nothing really distinguishable about it.  Maybe a blind taste test is in order.  I made some cupcakes with some of the batter.  Some, I only iced with Cream Cheese icing.  Some got ‘special’ attention with the addition of Mary Kay filling then iced with CC icing.
I failed to photograph the chocolate cake with white chocolate cream cheese and raspberry mousse cake…slipped my mind as I was loading it for delivery.

Dessert First…and last?

     Intense Chocolate Espresso cake filled with raspberry laden White Chocolate Cream Cheese Mousse, iced in Swiss Meringue Buttercream with a run of Espresso Ganache with a few Raspberry Chocolate Truffles to top it off would be something I would consider having first, middle and last!  I’ll share pictures of it shortly.

Red Velvet Cake

     I know what Red Velvet cake is…I think.  I don’t know why.  Would it taste as good without the coloring?  I’m not the first to ponder this.  I’m about to embark on yet another quest for information and see for myself(I’ll share my results), what, if any, difference(besides a strikingly beautiful slice of cake)red coloring makes to this particular cake.
     Oh, yes…and what icing tastes best with it!

Squeezing in some play time

     Today, I found myself with a couple of hours with nothing to do. Sooooooooooooo, I decided to pull the "back-up" egg shaped cake I baked for the eagle out from the freezer and do something with it.  I made #12-teapot in the novelty gallery.  Fondant isn’t something you want to work with on short notice…case in point…the spout and handle.  There were issues but overall, I think it’s a cute cake.

Cake Designs

      I have come to the realization that I would much rather have a theme and be able to create something surrounding that theme and have the recipient surprised than to have a specific cake they want me to duplicate.  There is ALWAYS something the duplicated cake lacks that the original creator brought to the design….whether that something was a brainstorm, passion for the purpose of that cake, need to improvise and a technique came together, so many other things that are going to be lacking when it is duplicated.

Cake Truffles?

     I just finished 2+ dozen cake truffles…cake balls…decadent little treats from leftover cake pieces.  Dark chocolate espresso cake mixed with a bit of orange zest and triple sec, rolled into balls and dipped into milk chocolate.  They were fun to make but I don’t think it is something I would like to do on a regular basis.

A Day Off…

Isn’t necessarily a day off.  Yesterday wound up being an 11 hour baking and decorating marathon.  The time was hardly noticed though as I was enjoying myself thoroughly.  It was a great day spent with my DIL and her friend helping them create items for a baby shower.  They really wanted to make it special for their friend and co-worker and asked me to help.
     Today, a few errands and it’s back to making ‘stuff’.
These were some of the bib cookies my DIL and her friend made.  They also made some cupcakes and molded chocolates.

Results of test

I completely forgot.  The test on the recipe….I was pleased with all the results.  Thanks to a fellow baker, I now have a wonderful recipe that is seated at the top of my white cake recipes pile!

Christmas Baking

Christmas baking has gone from super slow to full force in just 1 day.  The heat from the oven is welcomed and draws everyone near it like a magnet.  The smells of cinnamon fill the air…mmmmm.