Monthly Archives: November, 2007

Gettin’ in Gear

     Today’s agenda was altered somewhat.  I worked with royal alright.  I made more booties and added babies.  I managed to test another recipe shared by another baker.  It is a moist cake for sure.  It would be useful for regular or normal shaped cakes…round, square, oval, cupcakes….I’m not sure how it will hold up to carving or shaped cakes such as the egg, ball or doll.  I’ll know more after they’re all removed from the pans and cooled completely.  Some, I won’t know for sure until they’re actually assembled and decorated….they may collapse under pressure because they’re so moist.
     Tomorrow is the initial meeting on design possibilities for a groom’s cake.  I’m looking forward to meeting her as well as the challenge that may lie ahead. 

Catching up

I was delayed getting ready for the Christmas season this year as far as dessert decorations are concerned.  Next year…yeah…next year will be by a schedule…that is the plan,anyway.
Today, I’ve been working on poinsettias.  Tomorrow will be snowflakes and while working with white royal icing, I’ll do some snowmen as well.  Then, wreaths and trees.  The rest of the week will be any other items I can squeeze in.  These will be done in between small dessert requests.
Since I have no major projects going, I will be able to work on a competition entry or two should I be able to get away for a few days in the Spring.  If not, I’ll just have a few more displays.